To my children, I was there, and I’m sorry

I was there at your T-ball game
I saw your first at-bat
You caught the ball on that fall
You were four, little more
Of course you don’t remember

I was there. And I’m sorry

You took the stage to dance
Jazz, hip hop, tap;
You mastered every style.
You saw me in the audience
You sent me a little smile.
I saw the effort you gave
I snuck to you a secret wave
And you returned it from the stage

I was there. And I’m sorry

I’m sorry
Wars raged on, racism spread
Hatred grew, and up piled the dead
Justice ended
For reality’s fun
The ice caps melted
By the greenhouse sun.
And I sat there,
Quietly seated,
As you wound up
And hit a home run

Facts gave way
To a radical world view
Prisoners denied
Their constitutional due.
I tied your ballet shoe,
Helped you with your tutu.
You took the stage
I took my chair
I was so nervous for you
Did I care the right care?

I found the world
And didn’t change it much,
I was just your dad.

I cheered you on
Now all is gone
Remember the fun we had?


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